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Semantir FAQ

In a highly competitive and noisy marketplace, small and mid-tier e-commerce stores like yours are finding that it’s increasingly difficult to avoid the competition.
Winning customers’ attention and convincing them to purchase your products is no easy task. Semantir AI tool can help to generate unique and not plagiarized content. Thus, you do not need to hire copywriters.
When potential customers visit your e-commerce store, the first thing they’ll notice about your brand is your content.
Among all written and visual content, product descriptions are arguably the most important, as they help customers decide whether the product is for them.

Why do you need a product description at all? After all, you can simply write "excellent quality, for all questions just write or call." But there are at least two reasons not to save time on the description:
The attractiveness of an ad without a description is much lower. According to various estimates, products without a description or with a brief description that does not say anything specific receive 50-80% fewer applications.
From the point of view of search engines such as Google, a product page without a description is considered of poor quality, as a result - it is not shown in the search engine.
That is, if your product does not have a description, it loses twice: first it cannot be found, because it does not appear in search engines, then those users who nevertheless found it do not leave applications, because it does not inspire confidence in them.

- Good descriptions need to be personalized as if you were talking to your ideal customer.
- Think through and explain to the buyer the benefits of each feature and function of the product. Help them understand what problems your product can solve.
- Write a product description clearly, write down each advantage and its benefits. Then buyers will believe you and buy the product.
- To relax and distract the buyer, include small stories in product descriptions. When reading a story, the buyer gets carried away, and his alertness decreases: the buyer forgets that he is not actually being told a story, but is being sold a product.
- Add headings, bulleted lists to the description, break the description into small paragraphs of 3-4 lines and increase the font size.
- This all can be generated by our tool.

SEO optimization of an online store is one of the most effective ways to significantly increase targeted traffic and increase user loyalty to the brand.
In optimization, it is important to work out the structure of the site and the product catalog. If the key pages of the online store are not filled, there are no photos and product descriptions, then even the attracted targeted traffic will not be converted, and your resource will cause mistrust among the audience.

- Define the end user who should interact with the article. For example, for an online store selling shoes, a topical blog would be writing feature articles on the topic of shoes. It is important to cover the maximum range of problems and questions arising from buyers when choosing products.
- An attractive title for SEO text, a title that will attract the user to come and read the article. Preferably in the title of the article for the blog was the most important keyword, the purpose of the article.
- The content for this blog can be generated using our tool. It takes up to 10-15 minutes to generate one article.

- One of the important factors when creating text for Shopify is the competent selection of keywords. Choose keywords and phrases that can bring the maximum amount of traffic to the site. SEO-optimized content will improve the position of the site in the organic search engine results.
- Feel free to praise your product. Think about what advantages your product has over its competitors.
- Explain why the product is needed and how to use it; talk about the main benefits.
- Conduct small research on competitors’ product descriptions.
- A selling product description is not only an emotional text describing the characteristics and advantages of the product. A well-chosen and high-quality visual play a huge role. It will not only demonstrate how the product looks, but also help to reveal its strengths.

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